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Enoch Initiative

The Foundational Principles Course

Enoch Initiative’s Foundational Principles course will help you and those you care about live foundational values and develop key habits necessary for achieving success in areas of life that matter most to you and those you love. This course encourages you to develop skills needed to better care for yourself, your family, and your community.

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Click below to sign up to take the course yourself, sign up to become a guide for someone else who is waiting to take the course, or to pay for someone to take the course.

If you clicked to join the wait list or become a guide, you will soon be contacted with more details. Thank you!

If you want to donate to pay for someone currently on the wait list to take the course, please use the donation form below. It costs at least $70 for someone to take the course. Depending on what part of the world they are in and how they are accessing the course, it may cost up to $150. A significant portion of the course payment goes directly to those who need it, those who are benefiting the most from the course.  This is part of Enoch Initiative’s vision and mission. The remaining portion of the course payment goes to pay for the course: editing, coding, content creation, improvements, facilitating the course to others, and more.