Lesson 1

Please share the link to the foundation principles course with your friend.

Every individual who goes through the foundation principles course needs a guide and accountability partner. There are some rare cases where necessity requires the course to be administered at once to multiple individuals. In those cases a different person may be facilitating the course to a group. However, each individual in the course should still have one guide and accountability partner.

Your Responsibilities

Here are the core responsibilities of a guide, accountability partner and coach:

  • Invite your friend to the accountability check ins.
  • Provide loving support, encouragement, and accountability in developing, maintaining, and/or strengthening the habits.
  • Provide the “password” in order to move forward in the course.

This week’s lesson is not password protected.

Lesson 1: Course Introduction

We strongly recommend that one guide provides support for one person going through the course at a time. If multiple people are interested at once, the first preference is for you to work with one person at a time: one person goes through the course first, a second person goes through after that, and so on. If absolutely necessary and bandwidth allows, one guide may be an accountability partner for two to three individuals at a time.