Lesson 2

It is suggested that someone wait at least two days between lessons to work on developing one habit before trying to develop another. It is intended that they get the next password from you when you and they determine they’re ready to move forward.

Lesson 2 Password: Thankful

Lesson 2: Habit of Daily Gratitude

Weekly Accountability Check Ins

Here are more details about the weekly accountability check ins.

Accountability check ins are held each week and facilitated by an accountability group leader.

Accountability group leaders are appointed by Enoch Initiative.

Accountability check in groups can be as small as two to three people, but should be no more than seven to ten people large. If a group becomes larger than seven people, consideration should be given to split the group. If a group becomes larger than ten people, it should be split.

As a guide and coach, you should invite and encourage you friend (the one going through the course) to attend the accountability check ins as soon as they start the course. However, they are only required to attend the check ins a two times to successfully complete the course.

If someone is reluctant to attend the weekly check ins, consider the following approach:

  • After the first lesson, the individual may watch a recording of a previously conducted weekly check in.
  • After the second or third lesson, an invitation is made to attend a weekly check in without participating.
  • After the fourth of fifth lesson, a plan is made for the individual to attend and participate in at least two accountability check ins before they are finished with the course.

The individual going through the course should share their habits with you in the HabitShare app. Encourage them to share their habits with the rest of the accountability group as well.

After someone completes the course, they can participate in the weekly check ins as often as they want. Some people find great value in attending the check ins long term.