Lesson 4

Lesson 4 Password: Growth

Lesson 4: Habit of Daily Change

Submit a Request for Financial Help

There are some cases where the person you are helping is in financial need. Enoch Initiative specializes in providing small business loans to those who need it. In special circumstance Enoch Initiative may help with other urgent needs or support in furthering someone’s education. We want to know if the person you are guiding through this course has pressing financial needs. If so, please fill out this form and contact Stephen Beacham (Stephen@EnochInitiative.org):

Group Course Facilitation

When the internet and technology is readily available, the foundational principles course should be done largely at the individual’s own pace. However, there are circumstances around the world where internet access or technology constraints may require adaptation. In this case, a group facilitator should distribute physical manuals and coordinate group discussions on each lessons.

In these circumstance, here are the responsibilities of group facilitators:

  • Coordinate and lead regular accountability check ins.
  • Distribute physical manuals to each participant.
  • Coordinate and lead in-person discussions of the lessons. You may read through the lessons as a group and fill out the assignments together. Or, you may come together for a group discussion after completing the lessons individually using the physical manuals. Either way, how often you meet, how long you meet for, and how many lessons you cover at once is largely up to you. Please be aware and sensitive that it takes time to develop new habits.
  • In the in-person discussions, play the audio stories associated with each lesson for the group. Or, retell the story in your own words.